Mac’s Meat Specials 12/16/14 – 12/24/14



Ground Beef (Lean!) —– 4.39 lb.

Onion Burger (Lean!) —– 4.39 lb.

Ground Chuck (X-Lean!) —– 4.99 lb.

Country Store Hot Dogs (5# Box – Regular or Jumbo) —– $13.50

“Our Own” Famous Prepared Filling —– 3.69 lb.

Fresh Turkeys (Limited Supply – Order Soon!) —– 3.69 lb.

Turkey Breasts (Frozen – 6-10#) —- 2.79 lb.

Fresh Roasting Chickens (7# Avg.) —– 1.69 lb.

Country Store Hams (Bone-In – Whole or Shank 1/2) —– 3.49 lb.

SilverStar Semi-Boneless Hams (Whole or Shank 1/2) —– 3.99 lb.

“Our Own” Hamloaf Mix —– 3.69 lb.

“Our Own” Loose Sausage —– 2.99 lb.

Fresh Oysters – 1/2 Pt. – $6.99 – 1Pt. – $12.99

Cooked Ham —– 4.69 lb.

Provolone Cheese —– 3.99 lb.

New Wing Flavors!!!

As if we didn’t have enough wing flavors to start with lol… We have added these new delicious flavors to the list to reach our new total of 29!

Here are our latest addition to the list of flavors:

Candied Crab (Salty/Sweet with a bite of heat)
Garlic Trio (Parmasean, Romano & Asiago)
Salt & Vinegar (Dry)
Lemon Pepper (Dry)
Cheddar Bacon Ranch
Spicy Blueberry
Jeri’s Secret BBQ (W/Bacon)

Available in both Bone-In or Boneless, all of our wings are BAKED and never deep fried! This means that you’ll never taste grease, just chicken and your choice of any of our delicious sauces!

It’s Time For Christmas Orders!!!



Christmas is less than two weeks away and now is the time to get your orders in!

Here are our main offerings for the big day!

Country Store S.S. Hams (Bone-In – Whole or Shank 1/2) — 3.49 lb.

SilverStar Semi-Boneless Hams (Low Sodium – Whole or Shank 1/2) — 4.29 lb.

Kunzler Boneless Hams (8-12#) —– 3.89 lb.

Fresh Turkeys (Limited Quantity – Order Soon!) —- 2.19 lb.

Fresh Roasting Chickens —– 1.69 lb.

Frozen Turkeys (14-18lb. Sizes) —– 2.19 lb.

Frozen Turkey Breast (Various Sizes) —– 2.79 lb.

Select Oysters 1/2 Pt. – $6.99  1Pt. – $12.99

“Our Own” Hamloaf Mix —– 3.69 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Chicken Breasts —– 3.69 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed London Broil —– 5.99 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Boneless Pork Roasts —– 3.99 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Pork Chops —– 4.39 lb.

Gift Certificates Available!








Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? How about a great stocking stuffer like a Mac’s Gift Certificate!

They can be purchased for any amount. We’ve even had people purchase for 25 Italian Hoagies or 5 Large Pizzas! Get creative with them, we don’t mind!

Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn!!!

Do you miss the flavors of the shore? Notably Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn??? Well, we’re here to help quell your Vaycay Blues! We are now stocking 10 oz. buckets of the Original Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn and resealable 5oz bags of the “Crab Seasoned” Caramel Popcorn!

10 Oz Original Bucket: $7.99

5 oz Crab Seasoned: $4.69