Mac’s Meat Specials 10/18/16 – 10/22/16



Ground Beef (85/15 – Lean) —– 2.99 lb.

Onion Burger (85/15 – Lean) —–2.99 lb.

Ground Chuck (93/7 – X-Lean) —– 4.39 lb.

Country Store Hot Dogs (5# Box) —– $13.50

Juniata Hot Dogs (1# Packs) —– 1.39 lb.


Chicken Breasts (Whole or Split) —- 1.79 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Chicken Breasts —– 2.99 lb.

Country Style Ribs (W/Bone) —– 1.79 lb.

“Boneless” Country Style Ribs —– 1.99 lb.

Chicken Patties (Fully Cooked) —– 3.19 lb.

Scrapple (Country Store) —– 2.19 lb.

“Our Own” Loose Sausage —– 2.99 lb.

“Our Own” Hamloaf Mix —– 3.49 lb.

Lebanon Bologna —– 4.99 lb.

Provolone Cheese —– 3.19 lb.


Cookin’ Country Style Ribs!

Here’s a little tutorial I did on how we suggest to cook the Country Style Ribs! Enjoy!









Ha-Ah-Haaaa SLOPPY JOES!!!!

1 Joe – $4.00 
2 Joe’s – $7.50 

Can be made a lunch/dinner special too, with a bag of chips and drink for an extra 50¢!!!

A will be made with cheese and of course… EXTRA SLOPPY!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

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Get your Wing Fix!!!

At Mac’s, Wings are abound, and we’re the place for your weekend Wing Fix!!!

We have 32 different flavors wings available in both Bone-In and Boneless varieties!

Our wings are Baked, and never deep fried! So that means you the only flavor you get is the chicken and your favorite Mac’s Wing Sauce!

$9.99 +tax per Dozen/Lb of Boneless – (Includes Celery and Ranch/Blue Cheese)

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 6.04.22 PM

Two-Liter Tuesday!!!

It’s frigid out there! Warm up with a Large Mac’s Pizza or Large Stromboli and take advantage of Two Liter Tuesday!!!

Purchase any Large Pizza or Large Stromboli and receive a FREE 2-Liter of any of our assorted Pepsi Products!

Open til 8 p.m.

Gift Certificates!!!

T-Minus 7 Days!!!
Are you struggling to find that perfect gift or stocking stuffer? Have a big Mac’s Market fan in your house?
Don’t forget! We offer gift certificates for any dollar amount, and can be customized for say “5 Italian Hoagies” or “2 Large Meat Lover’s Pizzas”
Just swing in, ask and we’ll help you finish your Christmas shopping in a jiffy!

One of a Kind Gift!

One of a Kind Gift!

Eat Mac’s in Style!!!

For only $10 each, you can own one of these awesome Mac’s and the Gridiron T-Shirts!!!

#rorymac loves hers!

Available colors include: Pink, Orange, Gray and Light Blue!


DSC_0350 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.19.42 AM








Our feature product line… Country Store Brand!!!

From five varieties snack sticks to hot dogs to some of the best bacon your tongue has ever tasted, the list goes on and on! We carry a wide array of Country Store Brand products that are sure to knock it out of the park every single time!

If you’re really looking for a delicious meal that will change it up, try grilling some of the Country Store Brand Smoked Pork Chops and slather them with some of your favorite BBQ sauce... Honestly, it’s a meal to die for! 

There are so many wonderful products that this great company provides that we could go on all day! So if you’re interested in any of these tasty treats, call us for pricing and we’d be glad to help you find the product that is right for you!DSC_0458 DSC_0026

Ground Beef… The way it all should be!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.33.57 AM






This is “Our Own” Ground Beef from beginning to end!

It is made from only Fresh Choice Steak Trimmings and Lean Roast meat.

It’s then ground coarse, throughly mixed, and reground to ensure you only get the freshest, most pure, fine ground hamburger with a firm juicy bite!

We use absolutely No Pre-Ground Products, No Pink Slime, No Ice Chips, and No Dyes! Everything is processed, cut and trimmed on site, to assure you the customer are getting the freshest product possible!

Ground Beef (Lean – 85/15) – 4.39 lb.
Ground Chuck (X-Lean 93/7) – 4.99 lb.
Onion Burger (Lean – 85/15 – Marinated Onions Added) – 4.39 lb.

A Summertime Dynamic Duo!

Country Store Hot Dogs & “Our Own” Homemade Hot Dog Sauce!

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 4.46.52 PM






“Our Own” Hot Dog Sauce is made from our very own ground beef, and our secret blend of sauces and spices. It’s made the way Hot Dog Sauce should be! Find this delicious sauce everyday in our frozen food case!   ——   $2.99 – 1/2 Pint.

Country Store Dogs (5lb. Box) – $13.50 each
Regular Size – 40 to a box
Jumbo Size – 20 to a box