Mac’s Meat Specials 1/15/19 – 1/19/19

Ground Beef (Lean! – 85/15) —– 2.99 lb.

Onion Burger (Lean! – 85/15) —– 2.99 lb.

Ground Chuck (X-Lean! – 93/7) —– 3.99 lb.

Burger Patties (85/15) —– $1.25 each.

Chicken Breasts (Whole or Split Only!) —- 1.79 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Breasts —– 2.99 lb.

“Our Own” Loose Sausage —- 2.99 lb.

“Our Own” Hamloaf Mix —– 3.69 lb.

Country Style Ribs (W/Bone) —– 1.99 lb.

“Bnls” Country Style Ribs —- 2.19 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Pork Roast —– 2.99 lb.

Jumbo Bologna (Berks) —– 3.69 lb.

American Cheese (Clearfield) —– 4.99 lb.

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“Our Own” Stuffing Dunkers!!!

Through a myriad of trial and error, we can finally present you with our most anticipated product in quite some time…

“Our Own” Stuffing Dunkers!!!

Order of 10 with a side of “Our Own” Homemade Gravy!!!

$5.49 +tax

***We will only be offering this product through the Gridiron as a cooked side, we will not be producing filling balls out of the Meat Department for per piece sale***


Stuffed Chop Cooking Tutorial!

We hope you enjoy!

Cookin’ Country Style Ribs!

Here’s a little tutorial I did on how we suggest to cook the Country Style Ribs! Enjoy!