Mac’s Meat Specials 4/21/15 – 4/25/15


Ground Beef (Lean!) —– 4.39 lb.

Onion Burger (Lean!) —– 4.39 lb.

Ground Chuck (X-Lean!) —– 4.99 lb.

Country Store Hot Dogs (5# Box – Regular or Jumbo) —– $13.50

Pork Chops (Center-Cut) —– 3.29 lb.

“Our Own” Stuffed Pork Chops —– 3.29 lb.

“Boneless” Pork Sirloin Roasts —– 3.29 lb.

“Our Own” Boneless Stuffed Pork Roasts —– 3.29 lb.

Country Style Ribs (W/Bone) —– 1.99 lb.

“Boneless” Country Style Ribs —– 2.19 lb.

“Baby Back” Ribs (Frozen) —– 3.69 lb.

Smoked Pork Chops —– 4.39 lb.

“Our Own” Loose Sausage (Country) —– 2.99 lb.

Jumbo Bologna —– 3.69 lb.

Swiss Cheese —– 4.99 lb.

$2.50 Weekenders!!!

We never thought we’d see it again!! But, here it is!

$2.50 Middleswarth Weekenders from now til the end of April!!!


Some New, Updated Wing Pics!!!


Awesome Frozen Fish!








Icelandic Haddock and Cod!

5# Box – $36.50

or 7.69 lb. through the case.

A great Lenten meal!

Useful Tip for Cooking Stuffed Chops!

Here’s a neat tip on how to bake your next round of Mac’s Stuffed Chops.


If and when you lay the chops on their side while cooking, it will push all of the stuffing out into the bottom of the pan while cooking (as pictured in the first to photos). Some people don’t mind that, but you bought Stuffed Chops to be stuffed, am I right?

So follow this series of photos as a guide to help you have a better experience. Stand the chops up on the bottom backbone, so that the filling is pointing straight up toward the top of the pan. Then loosely ball up some foil and use it to prop the chops up so that they won’t tip over, and all the filling stays inside!

For more information on cooking times and procedures go to our cooking times tab above!


The Wedge Is Where It’s At!

Here’s and inside look at our devilishly delicious sandwiches!

We offer 8 different flavors!

All are topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Seasoning.

Italian $6.99
w/ Pepperoni, Salami, Capicolla, Cheese, Mayo

Ham $6.99
w/ Cheese & Mayo

Club $6.99
w/ Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Mayo

Turkey $6.99
w/ Cheese & Mayo

Beef $7.49
w/ Cheese & Mayo

Bacon $7.49
w/ Cheese & Mayo

Buffalo Chicken $7.99
w/ Buffalo Chicken, Cheese, Buffalo Sauce

Taco $7.99
w/ Taco Meat, Cheese, Taco Sauce

(All +Tax)

Country Store Hot Dogs – $13.50 – Everyday Low Price!

Country Store Hot Dogs

Country Store Hot Dogs









Load up on these delicious Country Store Hot Dogs for your New Years Celebration!!!

Two Sizes:

Regular (40 to a box)

Jumbo (20 to a box)

5lb Box – $13.50 Open all day today and 3 p.m. tomorrow!

New Wing Flavors!!!

As if we didn’t have enough wing flavors to start with lol… We have added these new delicious flavors to the list to reach our new total of 29!

Here are our latest addition to the list of flavors:

Candied Crab (Salty/Sweet with a bite of heat)
Garlic Trio (Parmasean, Romano & Asiago)
Salt & Vinegar (Dry)
Lemon Pepper (Dry)
Cheddar Bacon Ranch
Spicy Blueberry
Jeri’s Secret BBQ (W/Bacon)

Available in both Bone-In or Boneless, all of our wings are BAKED and never deep fried! This means that you’ll never taste grease, just chicken and your choice of any of our delicious sauces!

Gift Certificates Available!








Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? How about a great stocking stuffer like a Mac’s Gift Certificate!

They can be purchased for any amount. We’ve even had people purchase for 25 Italian Hoagies or 5 Large Pizzas! Get creative with them, we don’t mind!

Middleswarth Weekenders $3.00








All 4 flavors of Middleswarth Weekender Potato Chips are $3.00 each!