Things are finally starting to show some promise. Ground Beef products are beginning to loosen up some and slide. 

Steaks currently remain hanging out a little higher, but then again, it is grilling season, and we would typically see a spike in prices this time of year anyhow. 

With that being said, here are the updated prices for the week, as well as any other product price changes in the store. I will pin and edit this post going forward to keep you all privy.

Ground Beef (85/15) —— 5.99 lb.

Ground Chuck (93/7) —– 6.49 lb.

Onion Burger (85/15) —– 5.99 lb.

Burger Patties (85/15) —– $2.25 each.


Please check out our menu online at for current pricing.

Anything currently, that is Beef, is still running higher than it was 3-4 months ago. 

Thank You!