The Era of Mac’s Market began in February of 1974. Wilmer “Mac” McManigal brought himself, his Wife, Evelyn McManigal, and their four children Karen, Brian, Brent and Angela, (with another, Sharon, already moved out) from Three Springs, PA to Tyrone and bought what used to be known as Heberling’s.

Specializing in custom meat cutting and personal delivery service, Mac and the family quickly entrenched themselves as a staple in town. As the years passed through the 1970’s and the 1980’s the product line continued to evolve. With a cooperative effort from Mac, Evelyn and Brian they created what we here consider our biggest monster, Mac’s Market’s Famous Filling. It was this base product that has had a very big hand in expanding our customer base to what it is today. It has made us popular for our Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Pork Chops, Steak Pockets, London Broils and Pork Roasts.

In 1984 Brian became a partner with Mac. They would work as partners for the following 5 years until 1989 when Brian bought out Mac and took full ownership of the business. Mac and Evelyn, with help from the rest of the children and grandchildren, would help work the business until 1998 when Evelyn passed away. Soon thereafter Mac retired and the small corner store entered a new millennium and a new era.

In 2007, Mac’s became what it is today when The Gridiron was introduced. The difficulty in keeping up with the larger, more competitively priced super markets made it very tough to remain relevant in the grocery business. We then decided to part with our roots and move into a new age. We removed all of the aisles of groceries and replaced them with stainless steel. In January of 2009, Brian Jr. became full partner with his father, Brian Sr.

Here and now we are a new, younger, re-vamped business with a great blend of old fashion and modern convenience. We have managed to take what people have known for 35+ years and combined it with what people now want on a daily basis.

Much credit for these accomplishments are owed to the hard work and desire of all our employees. Without these important people we would not be able to do what we do with such precision and fluidity on a daily basis. Even more so, we owe much credit to our family, Jerilyn (Wife/Mother), Ashley(Daughter/Sister), Joanna(Wife).

But as mentioned before, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the sacrifice of Mac and Evelyn McManigal made in 1974.

So come in, walk around, sit down and enjoy a little bit of “Mac’s” for yourself. The BIGGEST little store in town!